Science City


A science enthusiast’s paradise, Science City is a place appealing to people of all ages alike. There are simple things like transverse waves operated fun ‘press the button’ kiosks for kids which have perfect explanations to make all those who remember their high school Physics to say, “Ah, we read that in class”, optical illusions, the whole explanation of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and so on. Not only does it explain a lot of scientific theories, you can go on rides which enhance the experience adding a bit of fun. It also has a rope way which can be used as an entrance into Science City, as an alternative to walking.

Rope way at Science City

Being a student of literature and a former high school science stream student, I would like to add how important it is for both these spheres to mix and attain the best of both worlds. Just like without poetry and stories the essence of life is incomplete, we can divulge into a variety of emotions and be transported into another universe, science is an integral part of our lives without which we could basically not function and that kind of a crucial aspect of life cannot be neglected. As far as I am concerned, I have sufficient preliminary knowledge to peacefully coexist with all, and I would still be snobbish enough to condemn those who prioritize either of the two and not uphold the merits of both.

The Science City grounds also have a few auditoriums where conventions and lectures are held. The Milan Mela ground is the site for the International Trade Fair, the Book Fair and other expos. Photography is allowed throughout the campus. Winters are a great time since there’s some walking around to do. It’s a popular school excursion spot. The place remains open from 9AM to 8PM on all days. It had an entry fee of Rs 40, with additional entry fee for a few more galleries, except those which are free. You must keep a lot of time in hand while visiting Science City, without which you will not be able to cover all the places inside. It is worth the day’s trip for all science and technology lovers.


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