Red Fort


Nearest Metro – Chadni Chowk (yellow line), take any auto or rickshaw from there

Time taken to cover the area – 1 hour

A beautiful view from outside as well as from within, you’ll get an insight into the Mughal architecture and also their fascinations for building large gates which they named “Darwaza“. The one you find here at the entrance is known as the Lahori Darwaza. The red brick work with the combination of the bright sunlight will sure make you squint but will give you great pictures.

On entering through the gate, you will find shops on both sides. A fair warning is that they are overpriced and so you can look for the same Rajasthani and Kashmiri work elsewhere like Palika Bazaar, Janpath or other such markets where if you don’t bargain it is your loss. However, if you are willing to spend there are many beautiful artifacts available. The miniature paintings caught my attention.

Mughal architecture

One gifting item I would suggest is the Ashoka Pillar, which bears the official emblem of India. Delhi is synonymous with the Central Government and hence this artifact would be a ‘something unique’ from the place. It comes in various sizes and the prices are accordingly ranged.

There is also one small museum inside the Lal Quila which is worth the extra five rupees in the ticket to go visit (the price of the ticket being a total of 35, including the museum). From bomb shells and guns, to badges of the soldiers and their apparel, the museum will feed your imagination and help you paint a picture of what exactly the army and battles of the times were equipped with at those times. The Red Fort was built by Shah Jahan in 1648 and was the residence of the Mughal emperors 200 years hence.

The marble chair, or singhasan, is something spectacular. The emperor would sit here and listen to the wants of the common man.

The emperor’s throne

You must stand in front of it and face your back towards the chair to know what kind of an amazing view the emperor used to receive from his throne with your own eyes.

The view the emperor received from his throne

A walk through the garden and back, you will find many other buildings in the compound. However, none of them are allowed to be entered.

Some of the other building in the compound

The Red Fort still holds importance today. On Independence Day, the Prime Minister of India hoists India’s national flag at the main gate of the fort and delivers a speech. It is one of the most important monuments in India historically.

Nearby places to visit – Jama Masjid

Also check out the Paranthe Wali Gali (landmark – near Haldirams). Any rickshaw will take you there.


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