Jama Masjid


Nearest Metro – Chadni Chowk (yellow line), take any auto or rickshaw from there

Time taken to cover the area – Half an hour

Surrounded by street markets, the Jama Masjid stands majestically with its beauty in the middle of the hustle bustle of daily life. There is no religious bar to enter the premises and serenity will touch the souls of all. There are four pillars on the four corners, one of which can be climbed up if you get a ticket, which you definitely should (however, unaccompanied ladies or children are not allowed owing to which I could not visit and take in the view, which would presumably be amazing).

One of the four pillars

The reading of the namaz takes place at 6 in the evening each day, hence you can plan your trip accordingly.

Places to try nearby would be rolls from Kareems, especially the mutton roll if you are non-vegetarian, they are absolutely delicious. For the veggies out there, don’t worry, the veg. roll is yummy too.

The inside of the masjid is very beautiful as well. The architecture is worth the notice.

Inside the Jama Masjid

Nearby places to visit – Red Fort

Also check out the Paranthe Wali Gali (landmark – near Haldirams). Any rickshaw will take you there.


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